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Corporate Issuers filing proxy materials with the SEC must now post these materials to a public website at the time of their mailing to shareholders 40 days prior to the security holder meeting date or the date that votes of shareholders regarding corporate action are due. The adoption of these rules by the SEC requires that all materials identified in the Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials must be publicly accessible and free of charge at the website address specified in the notice sent to shareholders. The materials must remain available on that website through the conclusion of the meeting of security holders. The following rules apply:

  • (2) All additional soliciting materials sent to security holders or made public after the Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials has been sent must be made publicly accessible at the specified Web site address no later than the day on which such materials are first sent to security holders or made public.
  • (3) The Web site address relied upon for compliance under this section may not be the address of the Commission’s electronic filing system.
  • (4) The registrant must provide security holders with a means to execute a proxy as of the time the Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials is first sent to security holders.
  • (c) The materials must be presented on the Web site in a format, or formats, convenient for both reading online and printing on paper.

RDG can help you comply with the Notice & Access regulations by making your Proxy and Annual Report available online. We can host your documents on our servers and provide you a simple URL that you can include in the Proxy and on the Notice card. You will also be able to link to our hosted site from your corporate website.

Our Hosting Services are available for any documents you wish to make accessible to your clients, employees, investors, or board members.

Please contact us or call 415.643.6017 for more information.

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